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Exercise gaming gadget – EA Sports Active 2.0

Nowadays, gaming with the Wii Nintendo, PS3 etc no longer require to get you to just sit in front of the game console for gaming. It’ll not be one of the contributors for obesity. The game consoles these days come with accessories and controllers that allow you to exercise while gaming.

Here comes the EA Sports Active 2.0, a new version of the EA Sports Active, which comes in a set that consists of arm and leg straps with built-in motion sensors, and a heart rate monitor. And of course, the EA Sports Active 2.0 is meant for you to shred some pounds while playing video games.

It’s got some improvements over the old version such as now it offers an online website that lets you track and share your workout data. Besides the Nintendo Wii, it’s added supports of PS3, iPhone and iPod Touch. And it’s slated to be out this fall.

via gadgetonian

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