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Solar + dynamo hybrid mobile phone charger

This is a completely “green” charger, available on Thanko Japan which offers dual modes of charging that can either generate electricity from solar and dynamo. When there is sunlight, exposure of this charger to the sun allows you to store up charges into the internal battery, which lets you charge your mobile phone, especially handy during emergency.

During rainy days, you can make use of the dynamo charging by simply pulling the cable to produce electricity to charge your gadgets and mobile phones.

The device measures W70 × H70 × D29mm with 3 LED indicators on the side, super portable for bringing it along anywhere you go. It comes with an 18 cm pull type cable for dynamo charge and a separate 30 cm cable for solar charge along with 3 different color connectors. A handy charger to suit many situations.

via akihabaranews

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