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Liquid Sunshine showers emit blue LED wavelength to ease Winter Blues

The expose to less sunlight due to too much time spent at home or in the office, may lead you to suffer from Winter Blues or Depression (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)). It seems like blue light has always been the effective solution to ease winter depression.

To ease the winter depression for a busy corporate climber who has no much time in a day, will better do it during shower which is the best time to relax yourself and get rid of all the stress of the day. The Liquid Sunshine showerhead, designed by Seattle-based designer Joseph Henney, is what you need for your home to ease the mentioned problems.

The Liquid Sunshine showerhead has an internal turbine in it, which is able to make use of the water pressure to power up the blue wavelength LEDs, emitting the kind of blue light that best relieves your mental as well as physical stress. Great thing is it doesn’t contribute more to your electricity bill since it has its own turbine to generate electricity for the low-power blue LEDs.

via thedesignblog

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