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Programmable doorbell – iChime

Instead of the boring ding dong sound from your doorbell, you’ll now wanna make it more fun by installing the iChime, a programmable doorbell. The iChime comes equipped with technology that allows you to upload your own MP3 files, or other audio files from CDs etc.

It’s also loaded with 7 preset sounds. You can even set some spooky sounds to frighten those you do not welcome! The iChime doorbell costs a price of $90 and it has one speaker included.

And you can pick up a second speaker for $20, which can serve as a second speaker installed far away from the doorbell, such as in your room or kitchen. So, you’ll be able to hear it when you’re in the kitchen or room when someone presses the doorbell. Get it from ThinkGeek!

via gadgetvenue

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