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Alice in Wonderland plush doll USB flash drive is super cute

We love USB drives come in the shapes of cute figures. The Alice in Wonderland plush doll USB flash drive is definitely worth to go into our collection.

This cute little Alice USB flash drive definitely presents you a sweet appearance. Although it doesn’t come in huge capacity (with 2GB only) that meets today’s requirements of heavy media and contents. But it’ll definitely attract most girls’ love to carry it around, especially handy to attach it to your keys or cellphone. Yeah, it comes with a lanyard for ease of attachment to any other gadgets, bags or accessories etc.

Now these cute plush doll USB flash drives are available on Etsy for a price of $42 each. Each of them was hand-stitched, and comes in a box decorated with nice drawings by the creator. The creator has also got many other cute plush doll flash drives.

via gadgetsin

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