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Paint Alice in Wonderland on your nails

Paint the Alice in Wonderland themes on your nails, which is suggested as one of the good ways to pay tribute to the movie. You can have your nails with your own animated Cheshire Cat which its stripes, head, tip of the tail, face and paw in purple. And get its eyes in shining Lemon Yellow.

Nail Polishes used for the cat are Essie Lilacism as base, Eclectric Purple for stripes, head and mixed with Essie Lilacism for the tip of the tail, the face and the paw. More info on DailyNail

Walyou also suggests, to pay tribute to the movie, you can paint all the movie promotional characters on your nails, such as to follow what DailyNail has done, get the Queen of hearts on the thumb, Alice on the index finger, shades of blue and black to match the dress and the middle one for for Mad Hatter with Nubar forest sponged on the top.

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