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Ecocoon hearing aid blocks background sounds for piece of mind

We’ve have been exposed to too many sounds such as the kids crying, the airplanes overhead and cars in the road. All these noises would get you uneasy everyday and somehow you might lose concentration on your work or feeling uneasy while you’re trying to relax. So when all these sounds are gone, you’ll be able to learn more about your inner self and get back in tune.

The Ecocoon hearing aid, a conceptual gadget developed by Design Affairs Studio, is meant for helping you to block all these noisy background sounds. It’ll feature three modes, which are traffic, office and offline.

Apparently, the traffic mode is to help filter out high frequencies associated motor vehicles, whereas office mode is to suppress mid-range frequencies in the office which mostly produced by idle chatter. And finally the offline mode is to help you reach the state of Zen bliss (a higher level of consciousness achievable by meditation). Hope this product will become a real one, at the moment it’s just a concept!

via coated

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