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Ogon wallet protects your cards from RFID and demagnetisation

The Ogon RFID wallet spotted on Firebox may confuse you with its name. At first it was thought as a wallet that had something to do with RFID tagging, but in fact it’s not, it’s only a wallet specially designed to hold cards instead of cash, and made from the materials that can protect your cards from RFID scanners and demagnetisation.

The Ogon wallet also suggests you shall bring your cards along these days instead of cash, therefore you need a little wallet like the Ogon to hold those many credit and debit cards you have. The little Ogon card wallet has seven tear-resistant expandable pockets in it that can accommodate up to fifteen cards. And it’s available in three colors, black, silver and blue, which are suitable for men and women.

While carrying your cards in this Ogon card wallet, you can rest assure that they’re protected from RFID scanners and demagnetisation, a technique that tech-savvy fraudsters would use to strip out the data on the cards. You can get it from Firebox for $45 each.

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