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Robotic vacuum with WiFI IP webcam

The G182 vacuum cleaner from ChinaVasion is quite a unique robotic vacuum. Different from the Roomba that you’re used to, the G182 comes with a remote-controlled pan and tilt IR-equipped webcam. And this camera is IP and WiFi enabled, which means you’ll be able to use your computer to watch what the G182 vacuum cleaner sees while it is cleaning the floors in your apartment.

Some more the G182 robo vacuum is able to emit IR waves, which form a virtual IR wall to protect it from obstacles. Such as when the infrared light gets bounced back by a wall or an object, it knows there is something right in front of it. This G182 vacuum cleaner needs complete no-touch operation. And it knows to return to its charging dock once its battery is running low.

It comes with a software which you can install on your computer, so you can watch the recorded videos by this G182 and you can even access it via Internet. It’s worth your consideration if Roomba hasn’t performed up to your requirement lately. It costs $500 at Chinavasion.

via unplggd

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