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Extremely high-heeled shoes made from elephant dung

These high heels by INSA are made from elephant dung. Lets look at a few pictures below how the elephant dung were collected from local zoos and used to make them before looking at how “high” the heels are and how they’re worn.

Elephant dung collected from local zoos.

Stick them on the front part of the high heels.

Now with the elephant dung, it gives a raise to the front part of the shoes, allows them to have 10-inch heels.

The question is “can she walk properly with these super high-heels made from elephant dung”? Guess is they will not smell like elephant feces anymore. These shoes of of INSA were showcased at Tate Britain on march 14.

via designboom

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5 Responses to “Extremely high-heeled shoes made from elephant dung”

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  3. i just got my new stiletos in! I am lovin them even though my feet don’t!

  4. gigi says:

    where can i buy them?

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