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Barbie digital nail printer

These days you don’t have to waste too much of your precious time to paint your own nails. Leave it to a little machine called the Barbie Doll digital nail printer that can print beautiful images right on your fingernails.Buy Barbie nail printer

The Barbie nail printer allows you to create and customize your own perfect designs for your nails. As long as you have the machine, you can just do it at home. It allows you to choose your design from the 1000’s designs or you can upload your own photos and images to create a custom manicure perfect for any occasion.

The nail printer needs to be connected to your computer and requires the installation of the Barbie software. Printing an image for each nail takes about a few seconds only. It seems to be more suitable for young girls.

The nail printer is available on Amazon for a price of $290, but seems to have received more negative comments than positive such as complains about difficulty of setting up the included software. However some still have had fun with it, so the decision is yours!

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