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Make your home power sockets remotely switchable

This little device has 4 ports, allows you to connect it to your home mains power to make any four of the power sockets or outlets to be remotely switchable. The goody behind is when you plug in your home appliances, lights or gadgets into the four power outlets, you’ll be able to remotely turn them on and off using a remote control that comes with the device.

It’s handy for you who is usually unwilling to get up to switch on or off the lights or some home appliances, or you’re a forgetful one who always forgets to turn off the lights or some home appliances. And it’s also handy for the elderly who have problems to stretch or get up to reach the plugs or power sockets.

It has a remote control that has the A,B,C and D which correspond to the four A,B,C and D power outlets. With this device installed in your home mains power, you can wirelessly and remotely turn on and off the 4 power outlets. You can get it from Uxsight for a price of $21.70

via techchee

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