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Ambulight PDT device allows photodynamic skin cancer therapy on the go

Skin cancer patients used to be tied to clinical environment for having the photodynamic therapy treatment. But a little super portable device called the Ambulight PDT, has been developed by Ambicare Health of Fife, Scotland, which allows the patient to carry it around and carry out their own treatment while they’re on the go.

The Ambulight PDT device can be worn by the patient inconspicuously as a skin patch. This of course reduces the cost of the treatment and the patients do not need to stay in hospital to receive the treatment. The Ambulight PDT has just got approval by European CE mark and the company will launch it soon. Features at a glance of the device are as follows:

# A single use device, packaged as a disposable dressing, it is simple to set up with the patient

# Wearable low powered light source technology allows greater freedom of movement during treatment

# Low light intensity – which has the potential to reduce pain

# A high uniformity of light, wavelength matched to the PDT cream and treatment protocol

# Convenient for patient, medical professional and healthcare provider

And watch the clip for the BBC report about the portable device.

Press release

Product page: Ambulight PDT

via medgadget

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  1. Cord Blood says:

    well, skin cancer incidence would be increasing because of the hole on the ozone layer ;,:

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