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The Pill may let older women live longer?

We’ve heard a lot that women who take oral contraceptive pills will face risks of greater chance of developing blood clot, heart attack, or stroke. Especially if they’re smokers, will have increased risk of death mainly due to vascular problems. But now, has discovered a report that says women who are taking or have taken pills may even live longer.

The new study conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen shows that, women who have taken pills are less likely to die of cancers and other disease than women who have never taken the oral contraceptive pills. This is an overall result that showed women who have taken pills have lower percentage of death. But it also depends what age groups they’re in. Such as those who’re younger than 30 even had 20 more deaths per 100,000 women, those aged between 30 to 39 had 4 more deaths in 100,000 women.

But women who are 40 & above, there are fewer deaths per 100,000 women. The results are: older than 70 showed 308 fewer deaths per 100,000; 60 to 69 had 122 fewer deaths, women 50 to 59 had 86 fewer deaths, and those aged 40 to 49 had 14 fewer deaths. Could this be related to menopause or the younger age groups have more smokers? Read more on EmaxHealth Pic source: Wikipedia

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