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CyFi wireless iPod speaker handy for outdoor use

The CyFi wireless speaker is specially designed for the adventurers who love music to go along in their adventurous trips. The CyFi speaker comes with a transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack of any music players including your iPod, PMP, MP3 players etc. And the players can then transmit tunes to the CyFi speaker wirelessly.

Since the CyFi frees you from tangling wires, it’s also useful to attach it on your bike or carrying it with you while going hiking, camping etc. The CyFi has a clamp which you can fix it to the handlebar of your bike (as shown in the picture below) to let music accompany you in your cycling route.

You can simply keep the iPod in your bag or pocket as changing track or volume can be done using the buttons right on the CyFi speaker, without needing to fiddle the iPod in your pocket. This ensures you won’t loose concentration on your cycling which is usually caused by having to take out the iPod in your pocket for changing tracks etc. You can get it from iWoot for a price of £100.

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