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ImmobiTag protects your bike from theft

The ImmobiTag is a little device that works on the radio frequency which allows you to tag your bicycle with a unique ID number and then register the bike with their online database. The little radio-frequency tag is useful when your bike is stolen, through the information and the unique ID that the bike carries, police and other parties will have handful of information to trace the stolen bike.

The ImmobiTag is easy to use. Once you’ve got the ImmobiTag you just need to attach it to the bike and register the bike in their online database with the details including pictures, descriptions, receipts, frame numbers and other relevant information. The picture below explains all how it works.

The little ImmobiTag also contains a unique serial number that can be read by the Police. In the event of theft, you can notify the police or second-hand trade by changing the status through the online account and the information will be useful for accurate crime report and insurance claim. Besides, managing all the information using the online database is completely free. The little ImmobiTag costs about $21 and you can get it here.

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