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Bluetooth landline phone adapter

How you wish that you could talk on landline phone wirelessly using your Bluetooth headset while you’re in the house or office. The Bluetooth landline phone adapter just requires you to connect it to the phone line and pair it up with a Bluetooth headset, you can then walk around within 100-meter range to talk wirelessly over your landline.

The device also allows you to connect it to a computer, where you can launch your Skype, Google Talk and other chat software and VOIPs, and use the Bluetooth headset to chat wirelessly and free your hands for other tasks (baby sitting, cooking etc) in your home.

The Bluetooth landline phone adapter allows you to pair up to 8 Bluetooth headsets. It’s available on ChinaVasion for $41 each or less if purchased in bulk.

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  1. […] course as the name suggests, the little device’s main function is to work like any regular Bluetooth headset to let you answer calls, adjust volumes and some music controls. The few pictures below […]

  2. This Bluetooth landline phone adapter is great. It has may cool features that I love. Thank you for posting.

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