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iaPeel lets you personalize and print your own skins for your gadgets

iaPeel is a consumer-customizable skins for your mobile phones, iPod and other gadgets. You can download a special software by iaPeel onto you computer, which you can then customize and print your own skins with your own images or photos for your mobile devices.

You can print the customized skin created using the iaPeel software using a deskject printer. The iaPeel skins suit all mobile devices and they’re very easy to put on. The iaPeel also has a built-in precision system which ensures perfect fit of the skin every time.

The iaPeel skin is made of durable material, you can also make your skin to blend well with the mobile device’s wallpaper. A package of the iaPeel is estimated to cost $30 MSRP. Find out more here.

via coolest-gadgets

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