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Bring the Carnival Duck Shooting game home

One way to make yourself always capable of beating any carnival shooting games, is to practise it as often as possible. So, you’re recommended to practise it more at your own free time or while you’re at home.

Here comes a home version of the Carnival Duck Shooting Game, which comes with a wireless revolver that shoots infrared beams and the game challenges you to knock down as many ducks as possible within one minute as they move across the booth.

The game also plays authentic carnival sound effects including a barker’s voice that critiques your marksmanship, shooting and direct hit sounds. There is an LCD on the face of the booth, which keeps and shows you the score.

The carnival booth requires four AA batteries, whereas the revolver needs four AAA batteries, which are included. This game is suitable for kids aged 6 and up. Parents can get it for their children from Hammacher for a price of $20 only.

Besides the shooting game, the Double Shootout Basketball Arcade game is also great to bring more fun to your kids at home.

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