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Roundbox intuitive computer for kids to learn and have fun

Roundbox is portable computer specially designed for young kids, allows them to learn more creatively and have fun. The Roundbox will come equipped with digital camera, video game console, TV, DVD player, computer and a pen, which offers interactive learning capability for the kids as well as letting them have fun with some game plays.

The Roundbox has been specially designed for kids who aged between 5 to 14. It has 5 modes, which are computer, game, art, camera and movie. There are buttons underneath the screen which allow the users to switch between different modes quickly and easily. The device is also touchscreen-enabled, which allows the users to use their fingertips or stylus to operate the Roundbox’s screen.

The Roundbox’s touchpad also functions as a mousepad or game pad. Besides learning, kids can also take a break to enjoy some game plays or other computing tasks. There is no information about the price and availability, we believe it’s currently just a concept.

via thedesignblog

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