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Cravendale milk jug tells if your milk has soured

To avoid mistakenly drink the sour milk, it’s best to use the Cravendale milk jug to store your milk. So when the milk has turned sour, the milk jug will tell you right on its LCD screen.

Using the Cravendale milk jug, you can also learn how soon the milk will turn sour, and also how not to over serve milk and reduce chances of having to throw away milk due to it’s not been used in time.

Research has shown that 330,000 tonnes of milk (worth £250 million) is thrown away each year by British households, creating mass milk waste that contributes to approximately 190,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The Cravendale milk jug is what the team created to combat this problem.

The milk jug has a PH sensor built into its base, which detects the acidity of the milk contained in the jug. The jug will show you either “Fresh” or “Sour” on its LCD screen. This magic milk jug helps reduce milk wastage. Read more: Cravendale Magic Milk Jug

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