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Dualbrella combines two umbrellas to ensure you and your loved one are equally covered well

I know you always wanna share the same umbrella with your loved one during rainy days. This of course ensures you two will always be closer and share the body warmness. But somehow a single umbrella is hard to provide good coverage for two persons, and one or both of you might get little wet by the rain.

But now, with the Dualbrella, it solves the problem of getting wet when you and your loved one wanna go under one umbrella. The Dualbrella spans 6-inch wide and 3-inch deep, it also has lightweight dual steel tubes, stretchers, and ribs provide a rigid structure that endures continued seasons opening and closing.

Despite its size, only one hand is required to hold it; which is usually the responsibility of the gentlemen. Although it’s designed for two persons, but when used by one person only, it also comes in handy especially while you’re carrying an armful of packages. The Dualbrella costs $40 only and you can get it from Hammacher.

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