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OpenMe Crystal ring securely locks and unlocks your door

In sci-i movies such as Men In Black, Matrix, you’ll always get to see some futuristic door locks that need some very tiny gadgets or body imprints to beam some lights to open them. The OpenMe Crystal ring concept exactly fits the requirements of the mentioned futuristic door security systems.

The OpenMe consists of a cute crystal ring in cut glass, which also acts as your personal security agent, and a 3D scanner embedded in the door lock and the system allows you to use the crystal ring to lock and unlock the door.

The kind of communication and matching mechanism of the locking and unlocking between the ring and the door lock, will be unique which can hardly be faked by anyone. And some more the user will always wear the ring, to ensure your won’t lose or forget the key (ring).

via walyou via fgadgets

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