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World’s smallest camcorders – Muvi Atom and Micro

These days most gadgets come in tiny size. It’s especially handy for gadgets such as camcorders to be tiny in size, so you can easily carry them around with you to shoot video on the go. The Muvi Atom and Micro camcorders should qualify to be called the world’s smallest camcorders, which the Muvi Atom measures only 4cm x 2cm x 2cm , useful for girls to shoot video everywhere they go.

The Muvi camcorders come with a clip which you can easily clip it on your jeans pocket or other accessories on your body, allow you to record video unnoticeably. Despite the tiny size, the Muvi camcorders can record video at 640×480 VGA quality and they have a microSD card slot and come included with a 2GB microSD card.

The Muvi camcorders also come with a number of accessories, such as clips, straps and brackets, which allow you to attach them on almost anything. Such as while you go biking, snowboarding, you can clip the Muvi on the helmet as shown in the picture and record your adventurous trip. It also features Vox mode that ensures totally hands free of starting and stopping it from recording using your voice.

The Muvi camcorders have internal rechargeable battery which gets charged via USB port, while you’re uploading movies to the computer using the included software. The Muvi costs $119, you can get it from Firebox.

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