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Inflatable sleeping coat

If you love outdoor activities, wear this Inflatable sleeping coat everywhere you go. It doesn’t only protect you from getting cold and wet, it also comes in handy which inflates into a sleeping bag whenever you feel like having a nap.

The design of this Inflatable sleeping coat is meant for its comfort and function. While you have put it on you, you’ll be protected from harsh winds and dampness and it’s lightweight enough to wear even during the days. It also has multiple pockets that let you store your personal items.

The lower part of this coat can be detached to make a mini mattress which is useful, while you’ve camped in a rocky spot. As mentioned the coat can be inflated to turn into a sleeping bag when it’s bed time. You can even attach the bottom half of the coat to protect your legs when it’s raining or the wind is slashing.

This Inflatable coat is the design concept by Lin Tsui-Wei, was an entrant in the 2009 Red Dot Awards and won a Design Concept Red Dot Award in the Protection category.

via gizmag

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