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Super cute Mario and Luigi rings

If you have a Super Mario fan boy in your life, the Super Mario and Luigi rings should be best gift to signify your close friendship. As shown in the picture, while you put both the Mario and Luigi rings on your two fingers side by side, they actually look super cute and with their heads sticking out, and of course they’re meant to signify friendship instead of any other further relationship.

The adorable rings were designed by Patricia of Charlie Carter Creations. The Mario ring comes in red with an “M” embezzled on its cap, while the Luigi ring comes in its usual green with an “L” printed on the cap.

Both rings are made out of polymer clay, and hand sculpted while they are silver toned and adjustable according to your finger sizes. A pair costs you $20, you can get it from Etsy.

via walyou

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  1. […] Mario used to be stomping mushrooms within the little TV screen and now it can be literally on your back, holding your stuff for you. […]

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