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Incase iPad cases and accessories

If you just got your iPad after a long queue last Saturday, you should be looking for some cool accessories such as some protective cases to protect the iPad well from scratches. Incase has announced some iPad accessories here, which you should most likely be interested in.

Grip Protective iPad cover, made of durable, silicone rubber, provides enhanced grip and comfort whole holding the iPad in landscape position while watching movies. You can get it here for a price of $40.

Protective cover, features the same durable, silicone rubber construction and a flat back surface for added stability when using your iPad on a desktop. Both the Grip Protective Cover and Protective Cover feature custom cutouts for direct access to all iPad features and come packaged with a viewing stand for your iPad. You can also get it on goincase for a price of $40 as well.

Signature Incase Neoprene Sleeve – available in 2 styles : Neoprene Sleeve Plus and Neoprene Slip Sleeve Plus. A protective interior border runs the length of the Neoprene Sleeve Plus’ seams, giving it added structure and providing increased protection to the periphery of your iPad. Each also costs $40 on Goincase.

There are more of these iPad protective cases on Some more, if you’re someone who’s always on the run, you would also be interested in the Combo Charger and Car charger, which now have been designed to fit the iPad, iPod and iPhone. These chargers plug into cigarette lighter socket of your car, allow you to take your gadgets on the run for reading e-books and other multimedia contents.

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