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World’s most expensive computer mouse with 18K gold and diamond studded

Computer mice can be purchased with a price lower than $10 but they can be more expensive than your car or apartment. But what makes a computer mouse so expensive is it has got some gold and diamond makeover. The world’s most expensive mouse presented to you here is is decked out in 18 karat gold and is studded with 59 precious diamonds. And it costs a whopping price of $26,730.

Well, the most expensive computer mouse is deemed to be best gift for celebrating very special occasion such as your 60th wedding anniversary which is commemorated with diamonds. Provided you’d worked pretty hard and smart in the past 60 years which allowed you to become rich enough now and have sufficient cash to purchase a PC mouse that costs $26,730.

The super expensive mouse also lets you choose different colors for the gold used, such as red, white or yellow. They also claim the gold also signifies the past 50 previous years that you’ve spent with your spouse. And you can also customize further for this mouse including the type of trim (back or white) and the diamond pattern, such as flower or scattered.

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