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GPS Angel Red Light and Speed Camera Warning System

If you have someone in life who always loves to beat the traffic lights or the top speeds of driving, then you’ll equip him or her with the newly released GPS Angel’s V4 Red Light and Speed Camera Warning System. The GPS Angel V4 speed camera detector now offers completely wireless option, which has an integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The V4 waring system uses advanced SiRF Star III GPS satellite technology to map the vehicle’s current position against an on-board database of over 6,000 known red light camera and speed camera locations. When you’re approaching these high-risk zones, the GPS Angel device will alert you in both audible and visual alerts.

The GPS Angel also offers unlimited access to its database, which is unlike the competitors that usually need to charge a monthly fee. The GPS Angel device will need you to hook it up to your computer via USB port to download the updates from the Internet.

Drivers can search and browse this extensive list of camera locations online at In addition to the database, users can set up Personal Location Alerts that warn the driver when they are speeding in areas such as school zones, playgrounds, parks or any other predetermined locations. Unlike radar detectors, the GPS Angel is 100% legal throughout North America. It comes ready to use straight out of the box, with no installation required, and its cordless design integrates seamlessly with your dashboard.

The GPS Angel device is now available online for order from Amazon and priced around $118.

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6 Responses to “GPS Angel Red Light and Speed Camera Warning System”

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  2. AZ says:

    AND free shipping on Amazon!

  3. Joshua Brown says:

    GPS is very useful specially the ones that are put on the Car dashboard. it can really help you drive on unfamiliar places.~~-

  4. Leah Perez says:

    GPS is really needed for vehicles and also for some recreational purposes like in camping if you do not want to get lost.,;:

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  6. it cost around $2,000-$3,500 in a carfrom the dealership but i would see if you can change the head unit in the car and got to bestbuy have them put one of those flip-out moniters in there with gps

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