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Electric nose detects asthma

Italian researchers have developed an electric nose which is able to detect asthma in patients with a rather high success rate. For parents who worry if your children have asthma you can use the little device to check it out and go for diagnosis as early as possible.

The electric nose is made up of an array of gas sensors. Once these gas sensors capture the patients’ exhaled or in-lung air, it’ll be able to tell if asthma is present.

The researchers have used this device to carry out test on 14 people and achieved 87.5% accuracy, compared to conventional tests like fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) and lung function tests, which were 79.2 percent and 70.8 percent accurate respectively.

via ubergizmo

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One Response to “Electric nose detects asthma”

  1. Adolph Mikez says:

    i have been suffering from Asthma ever since i was little kid. i can only manage it by taking medicines and some food supplements. *

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