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Sony body-less walkman, NWZ-W252, now available in US and Europe

The Sony W-series of walkman, NWZ-W252, was announced in Japan back in January and now it’s been announced to make its way to the US and Europe market. The US will get the version that comes in black and is priced at $60. Whereas Europe will get a few versions including 2GB model and 4GB model W253, will be available in four different colors, and surface sometime in late May.

The Sony NWZ-W252 walkman is dubbed as “fitness walkman”, which comes completely wire-free that makes it great to be used during exercise, which frees you from getting tangled with wires. The Sony walkman is also body-less, which means it’s wearable as shown in the picture below, how it can be worn during some sports activities. And it weighs a mere 43g and is water-resistant.

The 2GB model is able to store up to 470 songs, with the assumption that each song is 4 min in length and at 128 kbps. The device just requires three minutes of charge to provide you up to 90 minutes of listening time and last up to impressively long 11 hours at full charge. Read more about at akiharabaranews

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