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Cheapest iPad stand

Those who have got your iPad, may have started looking for some useful iPad accessories, such as a stand that allows you to place your iPad on a flat surface and tilted at an angle to let you watch videos comfortably. Apparently, the OfficeDepot Business card holder was dubbed to be usable as an iPad stand, which turned out to be the most affordable iPad stand and costs a mere USD $0.70.

With the little money, you can turn your iPad with the OfficeDepot card holder into a gadget offering lots of goodies, such as using your iPad like a desktop computer, paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, and you can type comfortably as shown in the picture. And of course, viewing video and other contents is now very much easier with this “stand” attaches to your iPad. If you wanna follow the idea of Andrew Devigal, you can get the card holder at OfficeDepot.

via thecoolgadgets

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