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USB Mickey Mouse Email Alert

Sometimes, you wanna stay more alerted with the incoming emails. So when you’re away from your computer and you wanna be more alerted with the incoming emails, you can make use of this little cute Micky Mouse shaped USB device, an email alert which attaches to the USB port of your computer, to notify you any incoming emails in your inbox in a more prominent way.

The USB Mickey Mouse email alert has the two ears of Mickey. It connects to your email accounts such as your GMail, POP3 and other POP3 emails. The Micky email alert is able to notify you about the new email in your inbox and even the number of unread emails.

As shown in the picture, there are some mail envelopes contained in the Mickey email alert, which these envelopes will get floated along with some sound effects and twinkling lights to alert you when new email comes in. You can also get the Mickey to go along with with your typing motion by setting it in its keyboard alert mode. It’s a fun alert mode, that lets you have some fun instead of the boring days, where the floating mail will move up and down with light up by following the rhythm of the sound effect. This Disney Mickey email alert is now available on Brando for a price of $32.

via geekalerts

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