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Paper-made eyelashes

Nowadays, fashion-conscious girls would love to wear unique eyelashes such as the LED eyelashes that we’ve seen before. These unique eyelashes shall make your eyes the focal point even though you don’t wear any other nice outfit. The same goes to the Paperself eyelashes, which are made from paper and they shall make you an outstanding girl while you’re in the streets or in a party.

Take a closer look in the pictures below, the paper-made eyelashes were cut out in shapes of a few mini horses. Paperself also has other shapes and patterns, such as peach flower, peonies etc. Find out more here.

via styleclone

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  1. […] any one of them. As they are not born to be beautiful. They simply depend on heavy make-up and fake eyelashes to make them look beautiful. And you can now simply use an iPhone app called the Suppin to scrub […]

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