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BodyTrace eScale – world’s first GSM-enabled bathroom scale

BodyTrace eScale – is the world’s first GSM enabled bathroom scale that is able to send your weight informatio to the BodyTrace website, which you can then further analyze the information including interactive weight and BMI charts, food diary and intake calculator. All the information will be useful for you to control your own diet. And of course the information can be kept private, so you can be sure no one will know how uch you weigh, if that is a big secret in life.

The BodyTrace eScale is GSM enabled, which means it is able to upload your weight information to their website wirelessly. The eScale and the website cost you only $9.99 for a start. This eScale is also useful for weight loss clinics or professional who help their clients to lose weight. Using the website allows them to monitor and analyze the weight loss plan of their clients effortlessly. They can also set alarm that helps to recognize unwanted trends and take appropriate actions early. Automated messages can also be scheduled to provide encouragement for users and save time for health professionals. Find out more on Boydtrace

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