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Fashion updates Facebook using your gestures

Here comes an unusual fashion outfit, so when you wear it, it’ll be able to let you update the status on your Facebook account by using your movements and gestures. Such as putting on the hood will send messages and your status to your Facebook account.

But it doesn’t sound quite right to wear this outfit, or you may trigger unwanted or misleading updates by the wrong gestures or movements of your body to your Facebook account; which may also have negative effect, such as leaving you with no friends due to some weird status and updates on your account.

There are a number of gesture commands can be used to communicate with friends on Facebook. Besides the mentioned, you can also tap on the shoulder to notify friends about your presence. You can even customize different messages for different groups of friends and even assign different rhythms of tapping to different groups. So make sure you memorize well all the different patterns of tapping else you’ll sent wrong signals to different people which would likely cause a fight of jealousy. This Ping Facebook fashion was designed by Jennifer Darmour, using Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee – the Arduino-based microcontroller design for wearables.

via geeky-gadget

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