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Pico projector-embedded handbags

Pico projectors have been used to add styles to handbags by designer student, Sean Cabezas, from Parsons school of design. The student has designed two handbags, which both have the pico projectors embedded, one handbag has the projector the illuminate the sides and the other has the projector projecting downwards, that lets fashionable user to create their own customized walkway for their own catwalk.

The two projectors used in the handbag project are the 3M MPro-150 pico projectors, which can now be purchased from Amazon online store for a price of $346. These pico projectors are with 15 lumens of brightness and capable or projecting images at 640×480 resolution. They have 1GB memory, read microSD card and support documents including PDF< Office, and of course audio and videos.

via techchee

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