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Teddy bear robot

Fujitsu has turned your lovely teddy bear into a robot that can interact with you. Instead of a dead teddy, you’ll have a teddy bear that will be able to interact with you and the surrounding, thanks to the 13 sensors that have been stuffed in the Fujitsu Robo teddy.

The Fujitsu’s Robotic teddy is able to behave in about 300 different ways, which is intended to make the lonely old folks’ life to be more interesting. And it also helps make children’s life more interesting where the robo teddy is able to motivate the kids as well as stimulating the elderly. The teddy even knows to express certain facial expression back to you such as while you smile at it, it’ll return with a smile as well.

The robotic Teddy is able to track the user’s movement where it has a camera mounted in its nose which also allows it to understand the surrounding. The teddy will also possess capabilities of connecting to network and providing vital information to people that it’s supposed to serve and also comes in handy as an emergency assistance.

via akihabaranews

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