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Personal GPS watch

If you have elderly or kids in your life who could be wandering around anytime, you’d better equip them with a GPS watch. The GPS watch comes in the form of regular wristwatch which straps on the user’s wrist. And the wearer can then be tracked using Google Satellite or Google Maps on a PC or cellphone.

The suspicious wife can make use of this watch to track the husband, send him one as a birthday gift provided he is not tech-inclined, he’d have no idea what he’s actually wearing could be sending some tracking signals back to his wife. The full specs of the GPS watch can be found as follows or find out more from the product page:

1. SMS & GPRS Tracking: Capable of text message (SMS) tracking & internet (GPRS) tracking

2. A SOS button for emergency help.

3. Have Timing & Positioning function , it can search the signal of GPS automatically ,then set the
time according the time of satellites to choose the different time of every country .

4. It can store three alarm phone number . you can press any one alarm number button to get help
actively , when you call it , you will get a position information including a link ,then if your mobile
phone support GPRS function ,then you can enter the link to check your position by Google map

5. listen in automatically when you call it .
6. Speeding Alert for parents disciplining the teenage driver’s behavior.

7. Two way communication and text message each other.

8. Battery Monitor for warning of a low battery.

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2 Responses to “Personal GPS watch”

  1. Louise says:

    Interesting idea of how to track an errant husband! Might need to share that with my friends, I know one or two who would love to have the ability to check where their husbands are!

  2. Interesting as I think of these watches in terms of sports – not necessarily to track other people – but I guess they could be used in that way!

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