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Pogo Stylus iPhone case

Looking for a better case to protect your iPhone from scratches and smudges? Ten One Design, the creator of the Pogo Stylus for iPhone has announced their first iPhone case. The Pogo Stylus is a stylus specially made for capacitive touchscreen devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new Pogo Stylus case by the company is a case that is specially designed for the Pogo Stylus.

The Pogo Stylus case comes pre-bundled with the Pogo Stylus, features a a durable genuine full-grain black leather exterior that flips open to reveal the ultra-soft micro-suede interior and available in two colors, Aqua and Lime. The design of the Pogo Stylus case allows it to protect your iPhone as well as making it fully functional with the Pgo Stylus.

The design is as functional as it is fashionable. To keep the iPhone and the company’s signature Pogo Stylus safe, secure and accessible, the Tango offers a built-in glossy clip to hold everything in place. Plus, the integrated magnetic clip keeps the front flap closed and secure for full iPhone protection.

The case was designed with a circular cut-out to accommodate picture/video capture and avoid lens obstruction. It even offers convenient dual storage pockets for credit cards, cash, driver’s license and other slim items.

The Pogo Stylus already costs $15 alone, now it comes bundled with the Pogo Stylus case for a price of $40, which offers protection as well as letting you navigate on iPhone’s or iPad’s capacitive touchscreen with ease.

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