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Custom made in-ear headphones – JH Audio 16 Pro

Some girls will always have problems with earphones purchased from the local stores, such as they are unable to fit your ears and some more they might be causing some pains. If your ears need custom-made earphones to suit their sizes or structure for better comfort, the JH Audio 16 headphones here have the answer for you.

The JH Audio 16 headphones are hand built individually using molds of the customers’ ears, which are created by audiologists for around $100. Once the molds have been created, each ear phone takes around 5 hours to assemble. The JH Audio 16 headphones guarantee much better clarity, compared to standard in-ear type, as they use ear canal seal, which reduces the sound from the surrounding environment.

You’ll have to screw the JH 16 into position in order for the canal seal to tightly fit your ear canal and to remove it needs you to unscrea in the opposite direction. All these sound so good but the JH 16 carries a whopping price tag $1,149. If you’re some kind of music freak, you might think it’d be worth to spend that much to get high-quality headphones like the JH 16 Pro.

via geeky-gadgets

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