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Toyota robot plays violin

The Japanese car maker, Toyota has been into making robots. What they’ve achieved so far is a humanoid robot that can impressively play violin to keep your amused. The Japanese car manufacturer has spent almost three years to build this violin-playing robot and they’ve had it to demonstrate its violin playing skills at the Shanghai World Expo.

The Toyota robot is somehow considered qualified to go on stage to play violin for the audience. Although its skill can’t be compared with those actual violin players over the world but it should be good enough to outshine the average joe or the newbies.

Toyota hasn’t yet mentioned the actual purpose of this robot nor announced its price. Perhaps it’s meant for use at exhibition centers or public places to keep people amused. Some rich freaks may own a team of violinists to play for them in their mansion or when they’re dining, so they’d better be advised to turn to owning a team of the Toyota robots, which shall be less costly in long run.

via gadgetlite

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2 Responses to “Toyota robot plays violin”

  1. violin sales says:

    Being just a passable musician myself. I have to admit that this news makes me nervous. What club owner wouldn’t want robot musicians? For one, they don’t need drink tickets. ;)

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