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Interactive Boxing Kit, so ladies, start your boxing training today to improve your self-defense

The picture here simply reminds me of women will sometime be the victims of bullies in the society and even at home. So you’ve gotta build up your self-defense skills. While there are no convenient spaces for you to train up your punching skills, what you need is just to install a little Interactive Punching Kit in your room, and start throwing your fists on it.

The punching exercise is effective to get you to slim down too. The Interactive Punching Kit is available through Domyos Decathlon. It’s smaller than any regular sized punching bags, which should be easily installed on a wall in your room. The Punching Kit is also equipped with some LEDs which will flash while you’re throwing punches onto the bag.

There are also 10 different training programs included with this punching kit, that will help gear you towards better endurance, speed, power and accuracy. It should also help get rid of your daily stress accumulated from work.

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