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Ferrari GTB-inspired chair

If you’re someone who’s excessively obsessed with the sports car Ferrari, you might also love to bring a Ferrari GTB-inspired chair home or for your work place.

This chair shall make you feel like a current or future Ferrari owner. So while you’re sitting on the Ferrari inspired chair, you’ll be inspired to produce your best quality of work, striving to be the next millionaire in order to possess a Ferrari.

Of course, you’ll have to fork out $950 to bring this chair home or into your workspace. That is the little initial investment you should go for, and you’ll surely give it back if this chair manages to bring more inspirations to wealthiness later.

The Ferrari GTB inspired chair has an aluminum body and rear tubes made of rolled 4mm aluminum. The solid side panels are in matte black shade, and you’ll have a choice of different colors including red, black, yellow, and silver for the rest of the body. Apparently, this chair dosn’t look so comfortable to be used as your work chair but it should be suitable for relaxing on it while you’re taking break so you could regain more inspirations for your work.

It doesn’t suit the conventional living room either. But if you have other funky furniture around, this should suit you well.

via trendsupdates

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