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Day to Night Baby Log records daily activities for your baby

Caring parents may wish to record down the daily activities of your baby, such as the daily feedings, changing times and sleep schedule. It isn’t convenient at all if you need some papers to record down all the activities which might end you up with lots of papers scattered around. With the Day to Night Baby Log from Skip Hop, the recording of the daily activities of your baby is made very much easier.

The Day to Night Baby Log comes in the form of a little note book, which has an illuminated ‘Time Capsule’ found in the book’s spine, which also has 4 diffused LED lights to illuminate the pages, making it easier to jot notes during night times without waking up the little one.

Clock and timer are also shown on the LCD of the time capsule so you’ll know what time it’s and how much time the nap should last. The Baby log note book contains pages that cater for up to 6 months. If you’re a newbie of taking care of baby, this gadget should make your life easier for recording down all the required info, to avoid missing any important schedule for the baby. If you want one, you can get it here for a price of $39

via ohgizmo

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