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Sony adds more colors to VAIO EA And EC Series Notebooks

Adding more colors to products is the recent trend as what Apple did for the iPhone 4, having included a number of colored cases to add freshness to the new iPhone. Now it’s the turn of Sony, which has announced the availability of more colors for its 14-inch VAIO EA and the 17.3-inch EC series of notebooks.

The VAIO EA and EC notebooks will be available in a number of striking colors which are florescent green, blue and pink. And of course they still maintain some colors for the conservative users such as black, matte white and brown. The base price of these notebooks start at $700 and will include an Intel Core i3 350 processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD and is set to run Windows 7 Home premium.

There is also a Bluetooth option. And these laptops feature the Sony’s own instant on technology, which each comes with a web button positioned above the keyboard that needs only a press to instantly launch the OS. Cool! We believe this is almost zero booting time, saves you lots of time having to wait for a laptop to boot! It’s definitely good for highly impatient people to avoid smashing of laptops due to getting annoyed by the slow booting process!!!

Besides, Sony also releases a series of keyboard skins that costs $25 each to help keep your new purchase free from crumbs. The two mentioned models are available for pre-order now but they’ll start shipping sometime in July.

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