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ReflexDock Pro charging dock for iPod/iPhone and iPhone 4

Konnet Technology has announced their ReflexDock Pro, a stylish charging dock that has AV connectivity made for the iPhone and iPod and is also compatible with the latest iPhone 4. The ReflexDock Pro also allows the user to sync or transmit audio and video contents from their iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4 to playback on a big TV screen, without removing the protective case.

The device is useful for those who wanna watch the AV contents on your iPhone or iPod on a larger screen like the TV. Some more the ReflexDock pro also allows to view a mirrored image of your iPod app on the TV screen via the AV out of the ReflexDock. There are other goodies offered by the ReflexDock’s constructions especially on the sound, features Advanced Sound Reflection Design, which enhances speaker quality when the iPod/iPhone is docked. The curved panel design also improves mic reception.

If you want one the device is now available on online store such as Amazon for a price of $50. Find out more at

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