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Android-powered Coffee maker docks your phone to recognize you and your preference

Coffee makers can now come with intelligence to know who you’re and brew a cup according to your preference. Here comes another smart Android-powered coffee maker called the Appresso, which comes with a dock that allows you to dock your smart phone on it. And from the docked phone, the coffee maker is able to identify who you are and subsequently knows your preference for coffee.

The device also has the ability to detect your mood, and drop in the appropriate coffee capsule to suit your mood. Apart from identifying you, it also charges your phone or plays some tunes on your phone to accompany you during the coffee-making session. It also features a QR code scanner, which reads barcode-like tag on top of the coffee cartridges and plays specific music to go with the drink.

Everything sounds so good with the Appresso coffee maker, but unfortunately, it’s just a concept at the moment by designer In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song. Anyway, the practical use of such a coffee maker could be little slim. The abilities of identifying a person and the preference and brewing a cup to suit his or her mood should be quite useful. It’s ok to play some music along your coffee break, but recharging phone … hmmm… it could be useful too, provided you have quite a number of hours of talk time in a day, recharging your phone during the coffee breaks shall allow you to have more hours of talk time.

via slipperybrick geeky-gadgets yankodesign

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