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USB cuffflinks with 2GB for your data

Imagine how easy it is to carry your data on USB drives these days. As USB flash drives can come in very tiny form factor, such as the USB cufflinks shown to you here actually contain storage capacity of 2GB for your data. Wearing a nice pressed shirt with shining silver cufflinks – now you can look like two billion bytes with a USB flash drive hidden in your cufflinks!

As if you’re the British spy who has a number of tiny gadgets hidden in his body wear. While you need to copy some data from a computer in a highly private room which you’ve managed to sneak into, the USB cufflinks will definitely come in handy, allowing you to suck away any confidential data from your rival’s computers.

These USB cufflinks are available on ThinkGeek for a price of $100. Although they’re little pricey for the kind of storage capacity it has, but it shall be worth for that price with the convenience of wearing it on the run.

via 7gadgets

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