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Magnetic Oregon weather hub sticks to your fridge

A weather station might not be so useful these days as we can always hook up to the Internet to get weather information. But if it comes in a form of an easy-to-use gadget, it should then be very useful in your daily life.

Here comes the Oregon Magnetic weather hub which comes in a tiny size and has a magnet that makes it easily attachable to the fridge door or some other metal surface. So, you’ll be able to keep an eye of the weather forecast anytime to be more precisely planning for your outdoor activities.

The little Oregon magnetic hub measures 6.5 by 0.5 by 3.5 inches. It also shows you the indoor temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, based on the selection on the device. It displays 12 to 24-hour weather forecasts with graphical icons. Although it doesn’t display plenty of information, but it should have sufficient for you about the weather, and some more it costs only $1.50 at Amazon.Buy Magnetic weather hub

via coolest-gadgets

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